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  • INTERAKTIVE SOFTWARE — heute direkt auf Ihren PC herunterladen und loslegen
  • BIS ZU 5 NUTZER — installieren Sie die Software auf bis zu 2 Computern für bis zu 5 Mitglieder eines Haushalts

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  • INTERAKTIVE SOFTWARE — starten Sie noch heute mit dem direkten Online-Zugang für den Komplettkurs
  • SPIELE & APPS — Apps für Smartphone und Tablet plus zahlreiche interaktive Solo- und Gruppenspiele
  • LIVE-KONVERSATIONSTRAINING — bis zu 4 Live-Sessions mit Muttersprachler-Coaches zum Üben Ihrer neuen Sprache

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Immersion in Action

From lesson one, the language you're learning is the only one you'll hear and the only one you'll use

  • We accelerate the learning process by introducting new words & concepts in a carefully designed sequence.
  • The key to our proven method: You are not just learning to speak but THINK in your new language.
  • Our technology-based approach recreates the immersion method, allowing you to learn a new language effectively. On your own. At a fraction of the cost of individual classroom instruction.
  • Immediate feedback will help you build confidence that you're using your new language correctly.
  • This is why learning with Rosetta Stone is not intimidating even though it's a complete immersion environment: we've carefully sequenced the material so that you're always presented with the right level of challenge — easy enough that you can grasp the meaning of new words and concepts but just hard enough so that you're always engaged.
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